“Brian Ray has worked on me periodically throughout my life. As a child I had scoliosis that was painful, debilitating and visibly noticeable. Brian was able to reverse my condition to a place of manageability and eventually to a state of normalcy. Years later I injured my back in a horse riding accident. Brian was once again able to rehabilitate me to a healthy condition through consistent therapy.”

~ Christal Einspahr,  Denver, CO

“With Brian’s deep-tissue myofascial bodywork it has eliminated the knots in my neck that I sustained from many car accidents. Also as I age, Brian’s work has helped me to have more flexibility in my body.”

~ Nansea Lee

“My cranial session with Brian was a very powerful, and transformative experience. Many levels of healing took place. It was very clear to me that it was more than just Brian working on me. He possibly had a Band of Angels helping him?”

~ R.L., Boulder, CO

“I have had pain in my head and skull for over 20 years. Brian’s work has helped to lessen the tension held in my cranial bones, and I have been given great relief from his work.”

~ N.L., Lafayette, CO